A very dependable and flexible Inlet Cowl Dolly suitable for different powerplant systems,
from B737Series (including MAX), A320Family (including NEO), B757/B767 to A330 A/Cs.

Inlet Cowl Dolly has been designed in cooperation with Maintenance & Engineering Airlines Staff in accordance of different Powerplants Systems and Requirements. It has been tailored in accordance with logistics and pratical hints during airside Engine changes requiring Inlet Cowl Removal & Installation Tasks.

Recently has been developed and deliveried a new version of the equipment that includes the following features:

-  Suitable for the majority engines on the market with support bracket adjustable in height and width;

-  do not required any specific Scheduled Periodical Inspection or Servicing;

-  easy to assemble, to position and to use;

-  designed also for the apron or AOG situation (no needed the crane or lifter in order to remove/positioning the inlet cowl);

-  fold-able to reduce the shipping/storing space;

-  visual marking memory windows in order to highlight the different Aircraft type and Engine type inlet cowl support positions;

-  hydraulic Jack System operated by Foot Pedal that improve the precision and permits to supervise, in a better way, the positioning of the Dolly under the A/C Power Plant System, minimizing the risk of damages;

-  structure made of anodised and painted aluminium, corrosion resistant;

-  provided with Tool Box that includes, four straps to fasten the inlet cowl to dolly, hydraulic jack Safety Collars and spare/labels parts;

-  has been designed to be lifted via Fork Lifter;

-  equipped with customised dust cover for the stowed position;

-  will be shipped in a reusable wooden box and utilised for future transportation.


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